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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Writing dramatic narration for SPM English Paper 1, section B:

When we plan to write a narrative essay for SPM English Paper 1, section B: Continuous Writing, we have to bear in mind of making our essay exciting and impressive. The first thing  to do is study the question carefully, understand the scope of the question, then draw a rough plot from the beginning , rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

Then we should decide the theme, moral values, characters and scenes of events. The theme of the story is the central message and the moral values are the lessons that we have learned from the story. In order to make our story alive, name the settings/places of our story, then describe the scenes of the places. 

A part from that, name the characters and reveal their characteristics by writing about their actions, reactions, thoughts, speeches and what other characters say about them. We also have to elaborate the sequence of events and incidents, what happen, how did it happen, why did it happen, who was involved and when did it happen? 

Please don’t forget to describe the scenes, characters, events and incidents using our 5 senses, what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste and add appropriate adjectives and adverbs. We can also use phrases, idioms, sayings or expressions to make our narration lively and impressive too. 

The marking scheme for continuous writing will be based on impression, as its holistic marking, where scoring involves the assigning of a single score to a piece of writing based on a “whole” reading of the essay.  The examiner will fit the candidate’s response to the most appropriate band, by referring to upper and lower bands and the marks depend on the number of criteria that are found in the script that matches the band. 

Please make sure the language used is accurate, use  varied sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, compound/complex sentences), and the use of vocabulary is correct, precise and wide. Write well-planned  paragraphs, unified and appropriately linked, and make sure the tone and mood suites the story creating interest,arousing mood and sustaining creativeness  throughout the story.
Write from your heart, so that you can feel being the characters as by doing so you will be more expressive in your narrative writing...

Photos of my presentation on the topic: “How to be effective  writer.” for  “kelab penerbitan dan redaksi” SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Kajang, Selangor on the 30th of  Jun, 2011.

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P/S: We can find idioms and meaningful phrases from many websites such as:


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